Theatres in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to a diverse range of quality theatres, many of which stage their performances in English. Most of the main theatres are located on or close to the Leidseplein in the city centre. One of the most popular theatres for comedy is the Stadsschouwburg Municipal Theatre, where you will find quality stage performances housed in a charming, historic building. Comedy theatres abound in this city with the 11 year old Boom Chicago being one of the best.

De Balie
On the famous Leidseplein, De Balie is one of the fascinating multifunctional hot spots of the Dutch capital. Set in the former Leidseplein prison, today De Balie ensures a very chic atmosphere. It is three in one - a bar below, a restaurant on the top floor and a theatre in between. The bar is cosy, though a bit smoky, but very particular in ambiance and really chic. The restaurant offers different menu every day - it is not too long, but really tasty, usually including some regional speciality. The theatre screens films and stages theatre performances for various tastes.

Address: Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
 Phone: +31 20 623 29 04

Bellevue Theatre
Bellevue Theatre is located in the Leidseplein - the so-called 'dramatic' area of Amsterdam. It has two stages – a big and a small one. The big stage is open for guest performances and also presents its own productions. Performances are often held at lunch-time about 5 times a week. Very popular among the locals, the Bellevue Theatre presents predominantly performances in Dutch. Since 2007, there is also the small stage. It is called Club Calotte and is home to diverse music performances, where you can listen to jazz, rock and pop music.

Address: Leidsekade 90
Phone: +31 20 624 72 48

Boom Chicago / Leidseplein Theatre

In the beginning of the 90s, a group of American immigrants in the lively Dutch capital decided to share their new idea with the world. They were bold and daring and needed large audience for whom they could perform. First, they formed the Boom Chicago group, naming it after their home home town. Boom Chicago started out as an improvisational comedy and sketch studio. Its founders skillfully mixed political satire with comedy and humor addressing the issues form the headlines. They created performances, which provoked, made laugh and were always a bit “right in the heart.”

Address: Leidseplein 12
Phone: +31 20 423 01 01

Crea Theater

CREA is the name of the cultural organization belonging to the University of Amsterdam. It unites young artists and innovators into various initiatives, one of most prominent among which is the Crea Theatre. Crea Theatre gives stage mainly to students' performances. It's located in the very heart of the city, on the campus of the University. Modern or Classical, the young spirit of the spectacles is really unique. The Theatre also hosts guest performances.

Address: Turfdraagsterpad 17
Phone: +31 20 5251400     

De Nieuw Amsterdam
It's not a coincidence that the name, The New Amsterdam, reminds of the famous Broadway theatre. New Amsterdam was the name of the Dutch colony, which gave birth to the big apple - New York city. It is generally assumed that the theatre is similar to Broadway, but it's not entirely true. The theatre features films, plays and musical performances. This is a home of modern art where the New York inspiration can definitely be felt.

Address: Grote Bickersstraat 2 /4
Phone: +31 20 627 86 72

Koninklijk Theater Carre
The Carre theatre's history is related to the French-German dynasty of Carre. Famous for its performances held all over Germany and France 200 years ago, the family established its theatre in Amsterdam. It was mainly meant to host the circus of Oscar Carre, but as he travelled a lot all across Europe the theatre came to house various other entertainment events as well. Gradually musicals, operas, operettas and many others were staged in the theatre. For its 100th anniversary Theatre Carre was given the title Royal. The recent years of its history are marked by a revival of the musical art and the performance of famous musicals, such as West Side Story, as well as magnificent ballet performances.

Address: Amstel 115-25
Phone: +31 20 622 52 25

Melkweg / Milky way
Melkweg was established in a former milk factory back in the beginning of the 70s. The name means 'Milky Way', but also 'The Milk is gone'. It was established as a centre for new music and art. Today Melkweg isprobably the best night club in the city. Besides music concerts and club music, Melkweg also houses a gallery, a recording studio, a theatre, a dance studio - all of them equipped according to most up-to-date standards. The rich programme ensures entertainment to most demanding art fans.

Address: Lijnbaansgracht 234A
Phone: +31 20 624 17 77

Muziekgebouw aan het IJ
The theatre benefits from a fantastic over-water location, which ensures a breath-taking panorama - excellent addition to the music performances held inside. It is a musical theatre combining modern and classical music. The theatre also hosts one of the most famous jazz studios in town. Thus it has become for the last years one of the most visited venues when it comes to classical and jazz music in the artistic city of Amsterdam.

Address: Piet Heinkade 1
Phone: +31 20 788 20 10
e-mail: post 

Het Muziektheater is a place that every genuine music fan visiting Amsterdam is obliged to visit. This is the home of the Netherlands National Opera, the Netherlands National Ballet and the Holland Symphony. While in the country, they always perform here. Het Muziektheater also provides stage for guest ballets dancers, orchestras and opera casts, having among its guests some of the most glamorous world famous performers.

Address: Waterlooplein 22
Phone: +31 20 625 54 55

Paradiso is a famous music and cultural centre, one of the most popular there are in Amsterdam. It is set in a former church, just bordering the Leidseplein. The club was established in the end of the 60s as a youth entertainment centre by the city authorities. With time it became a centre for modern music - predominantly rock. The Rolling Stones had an acoustic performance here. Today the Paradiso hosts music concerts - not only rock, but also other contemporary music, plays, readings and debates.

Address: Weteringschans 6-8
Phone: +31 20 626 45 21


The Municipal Theatre of Amsterdam is housed in a beautiful Baroque building situated on the site where theatres have almost always existed – the former ones were destroyed by the fire. The theatre was fully renovated recently and presents a comfortable and modernly equipped setting. Right on the Leidseplin, this is one of the most important theatre venues in the city. The theatre is famous for promoting native Dutch dramatical art. It gives stage to many national and occasionally also foreign performances - most often in Dutch language.

Address: Leidseplein 26
Phone: +31 20 624 23 11
e-mail:       Price: 10 - 23 EUR 


Westergasfabriek is a complex or a culture park located at the edge of the lively Amsterdam city. There are buildings, parks, meadows, streams - an entire scenery to inspire and provoke the imagination of artists. In the Westergasfabriek concerts as well as other events within the frame of modern arts are held. It is called a culture park and aims to present culture and art to the open public - the more the better. The park is open daily for all those seeking a typically Dutch inspiration.

Address: Haarlemmerweg 8-10
Phone: +31 20 681 30 68
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